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About Andersonville

apartment in andersonville imageAndersonville is a neighborhood (located in the Edgewater community area) on the North Side of Chicago, about five miles (8 km) north-northwest of the city’s downtown. Once a sleepy little village made up primarily of Swedish immigrants, Andersonville is now one of Chicago’s most popular neighborhoods. The community is particularly known for its diversity, including a continued Swedish cultural presence led by the Swedish American Museum, a significant number of Middle-Eastern businesses, a new influx of families with children, and a large gay and especially lesbian population.( Which was showcased in the 1994 lesbian themed movie Go Fish (movie) ) It is also known for its unique commercial district, made up almost entirely of locally owned, independent shops, restaurants, cafes, taverns, and service providers.

The approximate street boundaries of Andersonville are Magnolia Avenue to the east, Ravenswood Avenue to the west, Winnemac Avenue to the south, and Victoria Avenue to the north. The heart of the Andersonville commercial district is the corner of Clark and Foster (5200 North Clark).

The main shopping street is North Clark Street, which runs roughly north-south. The stretch of North Clark Street south of West Foster Avenue is sometimes called South Foster, or SoFo. The stretch north of Bryn Mawr still retains a good number of Hispanic-owned business as well as some restaurants and cafes serving Andersonville’s more recent transplants.