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About Uptown Chicago

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Uptown is a diverse neighborhood located north of Chicago’s downtown. As one of Chicago’s 77 community areas, Uptown has officially defined boundaries. They are: Foster on the north; Lake Michigan on the east; Montrose (Ravenswood to Clark), and Irving Park (Clark to Lake Michigan) on the south; Ravenswood (Foster to Montrose), and Clark (Montrose to Irving Park) on the west. Uptown borders three community areas and Lake Michigan. To the north is Edgewater, to the west is Lincoln Square, and to the south is Lake View.

The historical, cultural, and commercial center of Uptown is Broadway, with Uptown Square at the center. In 1900 the Northwestern Elevated Railroad constructed its terminal near Montrose and Broadway (now part of the CTA Red Line). This may be where the neighborhood gets its name since it was the terminal of the rail line that led north from the center of the city. The neighborhood’s name may also come from its historical roots as a summer resort town for downtown dwellers. For a time, all northbound trains from downtown ended in Uptown. From here Uptown became known as an entertainment destination. The Aragon Ballroom, Riviera Theater, Uptown Theatre, and Green Mill Jazz Club are all located within a half block of Lawrence and Broadway. Uptown is also home to one of Chicago’s most celebrated final resting spots, Graceland Cemetery.